The Sheena Militia, The Seas

Boasting a deliciously sloppy, feedback-peppered oeuvre, Dallas' the Sheena Militia has found that magical, unexplainable chemistry wherein the familiar becomes new again. Exene Cervenka-esque vocals lurk deep in the mix as fetching guitarwork kicks post-Joan Jett ass. There's a tinge of riot grrl sensibility sneaking through the power chord-based songs like "Black Cobra" and "Tropic of Cancer," both of which provide a joyful, dirty poppiness. What sets the Sheena Militia apart from other fuzzy punk bands is their patient dominance of the audience; rather than pummeling listeners with roundhouse hooks, the group peppers them with light jabs, producing a punchdrunk giddiness. Sheena Militia share the bill with the Seas, from Austin, whose falsetto faux funk/psychedelia sounds like Interpol filtered through Nuggets. Good stuff.


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