The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Nico Vega

If rock 'n' roll started in America and the British perfected it, then where does that leave the Swedes? If The Soundtrack of Our Lives' new album, Communion, is any indication of the current state of Swedish music, then the Swedes are like the amp that turns things up to 11.

Communion boasts an ambitious 24 songs, one song for each hour of the day. In an era when the album as an artform is losing its viability, TSOOL takes the excessive high road as if they asked, "What would The Who do?" The answer: Make an album that clocks in at just over an hour and a half. Ridiculous? Maybe. But TSOOL has the goods to back up the bombast. Communion contains the band's best songwriting since its Grammy-winning 2002 American debut Behind the Music. Big riffs and psychedelic instrumental sections fill the album, along with a damn good cover of Nick Drake's "Fly."

TSOOL gives you the feeling that its members don't take themselves very seriously. Los Angeles-based opening act, Nico Vega, however, could take a lesson from the Swedes and lighten up a bit. Either way, rest assured, rock 'n' roll fans, the amps will be all the way up to 11 on this night.


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