The Thermals

The Thermals are a Portland-based trio (they've gone through a troop of drummers) that retains the energy and anger of punk and grunge that famously flowed out of the Northwest in years past.

Frontman Hutch Harris has always written intelligent lyrics that tackle big issues of sexual tension, mortality and the tension that exists between the individual and institutions like church and state. This year's release, Now We Can See, has received a lot of critical acclaim as it lyrically deals with life and death. It's not all doom-and-gloom, though: The heavy lyrics are wrapped in urgent power-pop that, in live performance, is raucous and exuberant. So far, the set list for this tour has covered the band's entire catalog.

Opening for The Thermals is Shaky Hands, another Portland band that provides guitar-driven rock accompanying a shaky vocal delivery.


The Thermals

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