The Von Ehrics

Robert Jason Vandygriff has led some form of The Von Ehrics for more than a decade now. In that time, the band has released four full-length efforts, the most recent being Two Foot Stomp. Despite various line-up changes over the years, Vandygriff's solid songwriting has helped the band's albums remain remarkably consistent.

And this latest one includes something of a new development: Two Foot Stomp is actually the first Von Ehrics album not written and recorded on tour, allowing the band more time to concentrate on each and every cut. One wonders whether or not a ragged punkabilly outfit like the Von Ehrics really needs extra time to flush things out, but the results on this new effort are pretty convincing.

While 2009's Crustacean featured a slightly more acoustic bent, nearly everything on Stomp is a full-on roar. Beginning with "Last of the Working Slobs" and finishing with "Texas (When I Die)," the Von Ehrics rarely take their collective foot off the gas pedal on this one. Sounding like The Replacements in their prime, mixed with the old-school cow-punk of The Gun Club, Vandygriff and his buddies show no signs of slowing down or letting up as they stake their claim to being the best punk band, cow- or otherwise, in Dallas.


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