The Wax Museums Break Hiatus For The Punk Group's Only Show Of The Year

Local punks, music fans and 7-inch collectors alike are in for a rare treat this Saturday as The Wax Museums play the band's first, last and only show of the year at The Lion's Den. The proof: As of last Wednesday night, Jason Kelly's hands boasted some pretty gnarly, strawberry-sized blisters that served to indicate just how long it had been since he'd played drums with The Wax Museums.

After its founding in 2005, the band became quite the local house-show circuit fave, releasing more than half a dozen excellent 7-inch singles before finally unleashing its Dusted Magazine-approved full-length debut on Douchemaster Records in September.

Although the band's MySpace page declares "We ain't dead yet!" and The Wax Museums' last area show was last December, and the band's been on a forced hiatus since early this year when singer Paul Museum left town for Oakland, California (read: for a girl), this week, Museum's coming back to town for a visit. And while "a long-distance relationship" may melt the bonds of lesser bands, it's a been-there-done-that situation for The Wax Museums, which formed with Daniel Fried (Bad Sports, VIDEO) writing the music in Denton and Museum penning lyrics in East Texas.

"We were both really bored at the time," Museum says by phone from Oakland last week. "He would send me these really shitty, home-recorded parts, and I would, just for fun, make up vocals on the spot...We wrote like 40 songs over the course of two weeks."

He's probably not exaggerating. Most of the band's songs are short and fast. But few bands can do more with two chords and two minutes.

Originally, those short songs appeared on CD-Rs band members passed out to their friends. But it wasn't long before others started taking note.

"People really liked the songs," Museum says, "and it all just kind of went from there." Things kept going pretty solid until the band's debut LP didn't arrive until after the band returned from its tour, which was naturally intended to support the album. Then Museum announced that he'd be moving.

But don't write off the band yet: "We're talking about trying to record and tour in the spring," Fried says.

Meanwhile, the other Wax Museums have been far from idle: Guitarist Fried performs with VIDEO, Bad Sports and Daniel Folmer; bassist Payton Green plays with Wiccans and Back Stabbath; and drummer Jason Kelly keeps busy with Fergus & Geronimo.

But what about Museum?

"I know a lot of people in bands," he says. "But I don't know anybody that I'd want to be in a band with. I just haven't found anyone that I work well with who are quite like the guys in Denton."


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