The Worst Summer Songs of All Time: The Readers' Picks

The Worst Summer Songs of All Time: The Readers' Picks

You know the jingle. It's the kind of hot that leaves a sweat outline in the shape of a chair on your shirt, and one of the world's most teasing, irritating songs comes on the radio: "All of those tourists covered with oil / strumming my six string / on my front porch swing."

It's Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville," and it's one of the worst summer songs ever because you're anywhere but a crystalline beach when you hear the song. It's vacation torture. Hell, we all could afford to waste away (again) in Margaritaville with little to do but find a salt shaker if we had No. 1 best sellers and Billboard hits. Whatever, whatever. It's going to be OK. There's booze in the blender.

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Anyway, here's my point: We asked readers on Facebook and Twitter what summer songs absolutely annihilate your sense of equilibrium. In short, these are the summer songs that most annoy you.


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