The xx

The xx: still pretty sad.
Jamie-James Medina

Achingly hip Londoners the xx have a two-night stay at The Granada this week, meaning twice as many Dallasites will be swept away by songs from their now-ubiquitous debut album and the recently released Coexist. We're kind of lucky to get two consecutive shows from one of the world's hottest properties right now, and both nights of evocative late-night London tunes surely rank as one of the bigger events in the 2013 Dallas concert calendar.

If you really want to get in, you've left it a bit late, as tickets for the long-sold-out double-header are trading for upward of $100 apiece online. If you're single, mind you, you could always get involved with the Granada's XX Dating Game, and win both a date and a much-sought-after show ticket. However, there will almost certainly be some public embarrassment involved.

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