They Shoot Horses Don't They

In the band's namesake Sydney Pollack film, desperate contestants in a dance marathon push their bodies to the limit in order to capture a cash prize. Drop by the Cavern tonight, and you may just find yourself channeling that kind of energy, bopping and ca-chunking your body to the musical circus onstage before you. More of a spastic carnival than an indie-rock band (even if they have released both of their albums for the Kill Rock Stars label), this frenetic troupe from British Columbia includes a full-on horn section and claims as many as nine members. Known throughout the Pacific Northwest for the dizzying exuberance of their live show, They Shoot Horses have all the juice-loosened pomp of a fun-loving brass band stampeding down Bourbon Street. With that kind of wild racket blaring away, you can either join the parade or get trampled underfoot. With Dutch Treats and Laura Palmer.


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