They're The King Bucks, God Dammit!

Friend of the program Nico Martini, who hosts "American Highway" every Monday afternoon on the Indie-verse, put together the above short clip on Dallas' own The King Bucks, who started off as "just a bunch rock guys that were doing country music" and have grown into one of the top honky tonk outfits in the region. Featuring interviews with Bucks Danny Balis, Chris Carmichael and the always verbose Chad Stockslager, it's an entertaining clip--especially for fans of Stockslager's. Check it out.

Oh, and catch the Bucks on Wednesday, December 30, at the opening night of the new Deep Ellum country bar, La Grange. And, speaking of La Grange: Jesse's been in touch with the folks at the new joint, located just across the street from Trees; he should have some info on the new club up for you here in the next couple of days...


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