Hey Thom... we're waaaaaaatching.
Hey Thom... we're waaaaaaatching.

Thinking About You

My old buddy Thom--yeah, I mean Thom Yorke from Radiohead--finally wrote me again. I was getting worried. What? Yeah, we don't hang out much, him living in England, but I e-mail him about the band's progress on their latest album, and he posts responses on the band's Web site.

You're checking radiohead.com right now? That's where he writes me, but you're not gonna be able to... Yeah, Dead Air Space, that's right. I didn't know other people could open it. Huh. I'll have to tell Thom, since he sometimes posts personal stuff. And that last post? When he said the band is splitting up and left a big space before "only kidding"? That wasn't funny, Thom. Even after I knew it was a gag, I couldn't sleep for hours. I just lay there thinking, "What if?"

But I got over it and congratulated Thom on the new songs I've heard on live bootlegs. "Cogs" is like a badass spaghetti Western score, and "Arpeggi" is beautifully adventurous with a complicated synth line and vibes. Oh, and "I Want None of This" from the War Child benefit album, with just him on piano, and "Nude," where he warns you that what you wish for most is just hollow--they suggest haunting things to come.



It's weird--they're recording, but their EMI contract is up. I bet EMI's too scared of Thom's political views to re-sign, and just between you and me, I think his latest work in the field of carbon-emission reduction makes him a target for the military-industrial complex's goons. He better watch out or he's going to get killed in--and I'm making finger-quotes in the air--an accident. Surely they're already monitoring him.

But that's okay, because so am I, thanks to Thom's notes. He even put a game on the site where you click on words to open pages with new lyrics and art. The seventh time I did it, it ended with "Antidepressants are a bad idea. What is wrong is not in here." He's right. What makes people depressed and neurotic are the shadow government's psycho-electronic mind-control transmissions. I hope Thom got the foil hat I sent.


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