This Will Destroy You

The earth is not a cold, dead place, at least not in Texas, which has produced some of the finest and most carefully crafted instrumental post-rock in recent years, courtesy of artists such as Explosions in the Sky, Cue and My Education. Out of nowhere—San Marcos to be exact—This Will Destroy You joined those ranks with their six-song debut album, Young Mountain, released last year. The band's six-song suite, which most closely resembles Mogwai's Mr. Beast in length and structure, builds slowly, with Godspeed You-like velocity and Sigur Rós-like beauty. But where others climax and detonate, This Will Destroy You embraces the tension, holding the music and the listener in a suspended state of disbelief that slowly gives way. Quick to capitalize on their recent success, the band is already hard at work on their sophomore record with the Paper Chase's John Congleton, due later this year. As for their live show... yes, it will destroy you. The Fall of Troy, Portugal the Man, Damiera and Tera Melos will open.

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