Toadies, The Secret Machines, Ben Kweller, Bowling For Soup, Eleven Hundred Springs, The Boom Boom Box

Last August, some 5,000 fans made up their minds and decided to rock with The Toadies around Possum Kingdom Lake at the inaugural Dia de Los Toadies festival, a daylong event that also featured performances from local favorites Dove Hunter, THe BAcksliders, Lions and The Tejas Brothers. Quite the show it was too, even if at the time it seemed just another promotional stunt for The Toadies' then-new release, No Deliverance. Of course, the festival popping up on this year's calendar proves that there's more to this deal than first implied. And it looks like this is really gonna turn into an annual event worth anticipating.

On that note, the ante's been considerably upped for this, the second go-round of the Dia de Los Toadies shindig. Moved to a larger spot ("Possum Kingdom" tie-in be damned) so the festival can host an even bigger audience, this year's fest features a veritable Who's Who of DFW musicians-done-good as The Toadies' support: The Secret Machines, Ben Kweller, Bowling for Soup, Eleven Hundred Springs and The Boom Boom Box. Tough to argue that there's been a better lineup of DFW acts anywhere else this year, actually.

Worth the hour-long drive past Fort Worth? Yup. And then some.


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