Toadies, Ume, Ishi, True Widow, Here Holy Spain

In 2001, after surviving for more than a decade as one of North Texas' most commercially successful rock outfits of all time, the Toadies called it quits. The band's time had simply come; bassist Lisa Umbarger wanted out, and the rest of the band's members were ready to focus on their next projects. Frontman Vaden Todd Lewis formed a new band called the Burden Brothers, drummer Mark Reznicek joined up with area country act Eleven Hundred Springs and guitarist Clark Vogeler went west, working as a TV editor and even earning an Emmy for his work on Project Runway.

Then, in 2006, the band reunited—no Umbarger this time around, though—to serve as the headliners for the Dallas Observer's annual St. Patrick's Day concert, a distinction the band would hold for the following two years as well. And that reunion, clearly, served as something of a creative spark for the band. Since reforming, the band's been as prolific as ever, releasing an album of new material, No Deliverance, in 2008, and touring the country while playing the biggest shows of their careers, thanks to prime slots in various festivals. And things hardly stopped there: Last year, the band re-recorded and released Feeler, their "lost" 1997 album; meanwhile, 2011 will also mark the fourth straight year that the Toadies have hosted their own annual festival, called Día de Los Toadies.

And this weekend, after three years removed from the slot, the band will return to headline the Observer's annual St. Patty's affair—perhaps, even, as a bigger name than ever. Regardless, they'll have plenty of help on this bill, joined by thrilling Austin outfit Ume, plus area dance favorites Ishi, stonegaze trio True Widow and punk favorites Here Holy Spain.


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