Today in Music News: GNR backs out, Mariah doesn't add up, Jennifer Hudson gets justice, Soulja Boy gets real, and Lil Wayne gets floored.

Your daily music news for the first day of 2009...

  • Don't get your hopes up for a two year Guns N' Roses tour. It looks like Tommy Stinson was misquoted. Doesn't it always happen that way?
  • Scientists are mad at Mariah Carey for "misreading" algebra with her album title E=MC2. You would think they'd be mad at her for being a diva or having a cooler life. But, I guess they have to find something more tangible to them to be mad about. Geez.
  • Jennifer Hudson's estranged brother-in-law was indicted on three counts of murder for killing her sister, mother and nephew. I hope the bastard fries Texas style.
  • Apparently Souja Boy Tell 'Em thinks Nas fucked up Hip-Hop the same way Dubya fucked over the country. Really? You're calling Esco out for ruining the Hip-Hops? Shouldn't you really be pointing the finger at Kriss Kross or the guys who did "Who Let The Dogs Out?"
  • Oh, and you can see Lil' Wayne fall on his ass here. I think he tripped on his vocoder. --Lance Lester


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