Tom Petty Won't Back Down (Uh, Zing? Anyone?) From Helping Flood Victims

'Cause Tom Petty's a good boy, loves his mama, loves Jesus, and America, too, he and the rest o' the Heartbreakers are launching a ticket auction for the front row seats at shows in their upcoming tour (which includes a stop at Center on August 27). And the proceeds are going to Habitat for Humanity, to help the victims of the Midwest flood.

You can bid here...but you better make sure your bank accounts are in line first, as there's a $1,000 minimum donation.

Which brings me to...

"Free Falling"? More like "Out Of My Price Range Falling"!

Thanks, I'll be here all week. Oh, and tip Wilonksy and Whitt, they're workin' hard for ya. --Pete Freedman


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