Tomorrowpeople Reunion Upcoming; More Shows And Music To Come?

Tomorrowpeople Reunion Upcoming; More Shows And Music To Come?

In the late '90s, Tomorrowpeople was on top of the local music world. Comprised of former Toadies and Brutal Juice members, the band was signed to Geffen Records and even recorded the tracks for its debut major label release. But then complications arose; the band and label parted ways, and most of those recorded tracks never saw the light of day. (Some did, however, in the form of the band's 1999 release, Marijuana Beach.)

Here's where things get interesting, though: Now, more than 10 years later, the band's back together to an extent, messing around and playing a reunion gig at the Double-Wide on Saturday, May 17, in support of The Angelus. They'll also be releasing all of their old stuff (including unreleased tracks) to iTunes in the near future. Also potentially on tap: writing new material and a few more gigs (if this Double-Wide one goes well).

In the meantime, whet your palate with this unreleased 1999 track.

Bonus mp3:

Tomorrowpeople -- "Cruel"

Enjoy. --Pete Freedman

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