Trebuchet/The Phuss

The heavy metal scene is wide open right now, waiting for someone to come in with a new, creatively executed sound.

Denton's the Phuss and Trebuchet are two bands seeking to fill the void. Known for their energetic live shows, these acts wear their alt-rock influences on their sleeve, which may ruffle the feathers of metal traditionalists. However, no metal purist can argue with these bands' musicianship; on their split EP, featuring three tracks from each band, the Phuss and Trebuchet show off some serious chops.

The Phuss' hyper-energetic brand of alt-metal has all the hallmarks of a great live band. Frontman Josh Fleming's discordant, Jack White-esque wails and distorted punk-rock guitar riffs are layered over thunderous hammer-of-the-gods rhythms. Trebuchet, meanwhile, sound like what would happen if the Toadies dropped acid, listened to a bunch of Tool and sat down to record an album. They effectively sharpen the ragged edges of the grunge sound with interestingly layered guitars that smack of prog influence.

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