TV on the Radio, Celebration

Combine the sex howls and cabaret androgyny of glam rock with the urgency of punk, then throw in some lose-five-pounds-in-one-song ass-shakin' and you have Celebration. Sean Antanaitis serves as resident monkey-boy, playing just about every instrument (including his own creation, the guitorgan) save drums and wife Katrina Ford's inimitable voice. On Celebration's self-titled album, TV on the Radio (yes, all of them) makes contributions and forge a partnership that undoubtedly transfers naturally to the Tea Room's modest stage for a song or two...or, at least, we can only hope. The combination of Ford's occasionally mannish but always agile vocals exploring innovative melodies combined with TVOTR singer Tunde Adebimpe's distinct tone provides such a rich texture on two of the album's sultrier tracks, they'd be crazy not to explore it onstage.


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