UltraViolet Rock Show & Art Auction featuring El Gato, Lovie, Bridges and Blinking Lights and more

El Gato and Bridges and Blinking Lights are an excellent pairing—and all the reason you need to show up to this event. Both have released fantastic albums within the past few months; Bridges' Standing on the Same Stick made this publication's 2007 Top Ten, and El Gato's Surrender! is certainly a contender for this year's list. Each band blends elements of headphones-friendly psychedelic rock and Americana into beautiful indie-pop gems. And while their influences are instantly recognizable, each somehow manages to sound unique and fresh.

But, as if those two bands weren't enough, there's an art auction going on at this event, offering the chance to buy original work from Frank Campagna, Jo Skillz, Ryann Rathbone and more. Other highlights include shirt silk-screening and a photo booth by the inimitable Hal Samples. Oh, and you'll also have the first chance to buy the local all-star UltraViolet compilation CD.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a cause dear to the heart of El Gato's Kirk and Lovie's Rebecca Dixon, whose daughter Violet has been diagnosed with the disease.


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