UNT FMLA presents V-Day Benefit Show with The Demigs, The Cut*Off and others

UNT's chapter of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance hosts this benefit show (with proceeds going to V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women and girls) featuring a quartet of acts from around the metroplex. Oddly, only Grassfight includes a female member, so it will be left up to the manly men to provide the leadership on this night. No worries; they're all quite capable. The Demigs have thankfully moved beyond the influence of Frank Black and The Pixies as they continue to balance chaos and splendor. Frontman Chris Demig (he of bald head and sweaty brow) and crew are currently recording the follow-up to last year's impressive debut Yardling. Fort Worth's The Cut*Off also has a new effort in the works—and even though some of the shaggy garage influences have been cleaned and pressed, the band's fertile mix of grunge and glam just continues to get better with age and improved hygiene. Deep Snapper and Grassfight fill out the bill, overloading it with quality songwriting and enough guitars to suggest that even men are capable of contributing to a cause that could contently continue without them.


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