Untapped Festival

After Hospice, a concept album that chronicled the death of a woman from terminal bone cancer, it was hard to imagine The Antlers releasing an album as dark. No worries: The Brooklyn group followed it up with Burst Apart, which has a song called "Putting the Dog to Sleep," and the recently released Undersea EP. That doesn't mean they're not superb live; in fact, next to the effervescent Akron/Family, the Glee-featured Givers and enough craft beer to intimidate Winston Churchill, they should do just fine. There are 50-plus breweries represented at Untapped, including Dogfish Head and Avery, plus Peticolas and other local microbreweries. Pair that with local bands The Burning Hotels, Zhora, Blackstone Rangers, The Eastern Sea and more, and you've got your day (and night) planned. Go for the beer and music, and stay for the beer and music.


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