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The soundtrack to the new Laurence Fishburne motorcycle fiasco Biker Boyz skews toward those hip-hop loyalists enticed by big-screen Ruff Ryders iconography--typical Jadakiss bluster; a tasty Redman joint; Mowett & Loon's awful, Toto-sampling "Tru Rider"--but it also takes a cue from Kid Rock (who turns up in the movie) in a three-song stretch that fits neatly into this cross-genre tradition. The marquee attraction is "We Did it Again," a Metallica/Ja Rule/Swizz Beatz collab that actually breaks new rap-rock ground: Ja howls like a heavy-metal man-machine, Metallica grinds through riffs with sample-like precision, Swizz fades to black before they run out of steam. The Neptunes try the same thing on "Don't Look Back," their track with Papa Roach, but take out Pharrell Williams' bite-sized rap and you've got a Papa Roach song called "Don't Look Back." P.O.D. doesn't escape unscathed from the Crystal Method's remix of "Boom," though--it's bad Paul Oakenfold without the Shifty Shellshock cameo for comic relief. Cypress Hill, where are you?


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