Though he may have "officially" moved from Dallas to Austin a few months back, let's face it: Alan Palomo has never really left the region. Between live performances with his backing band of Jason Faries and Ronald Giehart (both formerly of Denton indie pop outfit Gazelles) and solo DJ sets performed under his VEGA moniker, Alan Palomo is as much a part of the local music conversation as ever.

It helps that Faries and Giehart are still local—and that Palomo and his VEGA project can't help but stay in the headlines. Yep, it was just a few weeks back now that VEGA was involved in the whole Crystal Castles debacle at the Granada Theater. But regardless of what actually happened, what you didn't read about that incident was that, in the aftermath of Crystal Castles' cancellation, VEGA's packed make-up performance at the Fallout Lounge that same night was the kind of thing local legends are made of: In the wake of disappointment, dance fans went searching for an outlet and found everything they were looking for in VEGA's midnight show.

But even more impressive about VEGA? Unlike Palomo's much-hyped previous outfit, Ghosthustler, which unceremoniously parted ways last April, VEGA has actually lasted long enough to earn an EP release—and long enough that Palomo and Co. are no longer overshadowed by the 20-year-old's earlier accomplishments.



This Lounge on Elm Street performance celebrates the official release of VEGA's synthed-out, '80s nostalgia-filled debut EP, Well Known Pleasures.

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