Velvet Revolver

Little point to picking up the Hulk soundtrack, unless you feel like owning another Danny Elfman score for a comic-book film adaptation that sounds exactly like every other Danny Elfman score for a comic-book film adaptation. Tacked onto the end of the disc, however, is "Set Me Free," the debut recording by Velvet Revolver, better known as the band Axl Rose should be fronting instead of whatever random assortment of musicians he's calling Guns N' Roses these days. Well, maybe. On "Set Me Free," former top Guns Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, along with studio-rat guitarist Dave Kushner and Scott Weiland (finally making time for a type of rock other than crack), speed down a one-way street straight into a cul-de-sac. With a riff that sounds like it was left over from soundcheck and lyrics that are little more than a Cliffs Notes version of the film, it's meant to be ignored as the audience is walking out of the theater while the end credits roll. That said, it's still more interesting than Axl's new version of GN'F'nR. But not quite as compelling as Rose's braids-and-Botox makeover.

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