Verbal Seed

Hannibal Raheem, Tree and Oneself Salaam are brothers in the strictest definition of the word. Sure, they're "brothers" in the way that a lot of musical groups claim fraternity. They create music together as Verbal Seed and share a common vision for the group. But they also share the same parents. Perhaps this kinship, both artistically and biologically, allows for the familial familiarity that flavors their rhymes and interweaving styles. Smoothed out and positive, Verbal Seed hearkens back to hip-hop's earliest days, when few thought the blossoming new form of "street" music would last long enough to even be hearkened back to. It's a reverent mix of the flexible lyrical prowess and fluid storytelling style of Slick Rick, KRS-One's sense of personal and intellectual responsibility and the tight collaborative artistry (and ill beats) that helped to define groups such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew and the Cold Crush Brothers. You'll want to catch Verbal Seed locally before they blow up globally.


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