VIDEO: Christmas is For Heartbreak, at Least for Dead Flowers

VIDEO: Christmas is For Heartbreak, at Least for Dead Flowers
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On the heels of For You, one of the best rock records from a local band in 2013, Dallas' Dead Flowers (Idol Records) offer up a gift to fans that have provided them with their best year as a band. It wasn't long ago the group released the well-made, rambunctious video for their blues-howling "I Won't Go." Now, a new clip for their new song, "A Lot Like Xmas" is ready to be unwrapped.

Similar to the irreverant holiday release from local singer-songwriter Ronnie Fauss, where the tale of a lonely prison inmate during Christmas is inventively relayed, Dead Flowers also use the holiday season as the backdrop for a heart-tugging new song.

With a beautiful, mellow-paced tempo that demands introspection (think Southern-fried Slowcore), Dead Flowers lead singer Corey Howe, with his raspy groan, sets up the message of the song in a perfect, painful manner by singing, "They say it looks a lot like Christmas, but my world's been black ever since you told me you were never coming back."

Merry Christmas, everyone?

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