Video: The New Year -- "Seven Days And Seven Nights (Airport)"

Did the Kadanes not get the memo? 2008 was supposed to be their year, not 2009...

Oh well. Either way, the hits just keep on coming for The New Year, whose above video for "Seven Days and Seven Nights (Airport)" is posted all over the web today, everywhere from Pitchfork to Stereogum and hipster blogs in between. It's certainly very Lost in Translation-y. And reminiscent of being stuck in an airport. And yet surprisingly enjoyable!

Me? I dig the subtitles. And I'm sure the Kadanes do, too, as they seem to further hammer home the "But they're big in Europe (and Asia)!" arguments. Very well done.

Oh, and for those curious: No, this is not the album version. It's a re-vamped version of "Seven Days and Seven Nights", available as a bonus track for those who download the song via iTunes.  --Pete Freedman


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