Voxtrot, The Hourly Radio

Voxtrot singer Ramesh Srivastava has something of a reputation for hopping around in a spastic dance during his band's live shows, and you can't really blame the guy. His band specializes in super-catchy retro pop that channels the melodies of the Smiths and Joy Division into upbeat, swinging indie rock. But the band's '60s pop influences keep them from sounding like anyone else in the flock of '80s new wave revivalists, and even though they're scarf-wearing hipsters, Voxtrot plays catchy, elaborate songs that will please the T-shirt and jeans crowd as much as the necktie and nail polish kids. Their live shows and a new EP, Raised by Wolves, are gaining buzz and packing houses in both New York and their hometown of Austin. Don't miss out.


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