Warcola/Spittin' Bullets

Oh, sweet 7-inch slabs of vinyl. Brings back such nice memories of misspent youth, days forking over allowance money to the mail-order gods who delivered heaven in the form of singles from Minor Threat, Government Issue or Black Flag. Vinyl and punk rock go together like mohawks and hairspray. Seems some things never change, thankfully.

One side of this EP features Dallas' own Warcola, a motley collection of social misfits who couldn't keep day jobs even if this shitty economy offered them. Spewing the typical punk assaults against censorship and the rich elite, Matt "The Renegade" Renicks and crew are about as subtle as a sledgehammer. Sure, lyrics such as "Censorship/Fuck off and die!" may be the ranting of an undereducated buffoon, but true, bottom-of-the-barrel punk rarely lists decorum as a selling point.

Austin's Spittin' Bullets fills up the B-side of this platter, and other than having a female front person (who can actually put together a complete sentence), there's not much difference in either band's caged roar. All in all, both Warcola and Spittin' Bullets offer up loud, caustic and seedy examples of white, suburban disaffection, the kind of music that we'll all one day warn our own kids about.


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