Joy Division's Ian Curtis was such a morbidly intense vocalist and personality, it seemed he always had one foot in the grave, even before he hung himself on the eve of the band's first U.S. tour. You can't exactly say the same thing about Baboon lead singer Andrew Huffstetler, though you couldn't blame him for lamenting the lack of notoriety for his perennially underrated local institution. Regardless, Huffstetler's flair for the theatrical should make this Joy Division tribute set by Warsaw--Baboon's Huffstetler and Mike Rudnicki, ex-Toadie Mark Reznicek and Burden Brother Josh Daugherty--one to remember. Talk about rare; this is only the group's fifth show in seven years, so dance, dance, dance to the radio now, before the Baboonites get caught up in the fever of their planned new release this spring. Ashburne Glen opens.


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