W.A.S.P., L.A. Guns, Stephen Pearcy

If you thought there were a lot of wiry, tattooed freaks hanging around the Granada before last March's Steve Vai show, then you ain't seen nothing. The American Metal Blast tour has the market cornered on sleazy, L.A. street-level '80s cock rock, where the voices aren't too shrill and the subject matter doesn't stray much from the chicks and life on the Sunset Strip (i.e., the chicks). The oft-caricatured W.A.S.P. headlines, guaranteed to bring you throbbing hit "Blind in Texas" among other raunchy staples. The classic lineup of L.A. Guns will be on hand as well, and so will the kingpin of the era, Stephen Pearcy, relegated to opening status without his band Ratt but "Back for More" nevertheless.


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