Watch: Apples In Stereo -- "Floating In Space"

No, the Denver-based, Elephant Six-associated Apples in Stereo are not locally based. They're from Denver. We already said that.

But the band does boast a major local connection: Local musician/all-around good dude John Dufilho, frontman for local long-timers The Deathray Davies and I Love Math , is the band's drummer. And, though not Apples original drummer, his contributions in the band are plentiful--to the point where, on the band's most recent release, Travellers In Space and Time , Dufilho not only wrote, but also produced and (far as our discerning ears can tell) sings, one of the band's songs.

And just a few minutes ago, the band released the music video for that song, called "Floating In Space." Check 'er out above.

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