Watch: Cocky Americans -- "Romance Tried To Kill Me"

I think most guys will relate to this video. You know how it is: just when you think you're over a breakup, she chases you away from band practice, forcing you to leap from an overpass. Then somehow you find yourself in a DART train, pursued yet again into [shudder] the West End, and as if that's not eerie enough, she ... well, I'll stop there and not spoil the ending of this new Cocky Americans video for "Romance Tried To Kill Me."

This impressive video is produced by Kevin and Kelly Luu, collectively known as The Luu Brothers, with visual effects by Eric Rinehart.

And if you can't wait till NX35 to hear more of Cocky Americans' Strokes-loving straightforward garage rock, they'll be at Andy's Bar in Denton Saturday night.  


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