Watch: John Dufilho Waves To A Confused Elijah Wood In The Apples in Stereo's New Video

Yesterday, The Apples in Stereo , which, these days, features Dallas' own John Dufilho, leader of the Deathray Davies, on drums , released the video for "Dance Floor," the first single off its soon-to-be-released newest album, Travellers in Space and Time . The fun, quirky video stars, as you'll see, one

Frodo Baggins

Elijah Wood. And, yes, he even shares a brief moment with Dufilho in the clip. It's kind of adorable, if a little awkward.

Also of note about Travellers in Space and Time ? It's the first recorded effort of the Apples to feature Dufilho on the kit throughout. So there you go.

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