Watch: Mount Righteous -- "Suburban Homesick Blues"

Just came across the above video for Mount Righteous' song "Suburban Homesick Blues," which--let's see here, wasn't on 2008's When the Music Starts or on 2009's Open Your Mouth EP, so...--certainly appears to be a brand new track, presumably from the band's upcoming full-length, due out here in the next few months.

It's a pretty fun watch, as the band goes the old-fashioned title-card route, utilizing three of its female members to play the Vanna White role and share each lyric from the song (plus a few other instructions). All in all, it kinda plays out like good ol' nagging from the parental units--only, as per usual with Mount Righteous, sufficiently more charming and adorable (even if the band can't spell "truly" correctly, oh well). Either way: Fun stuff from the always-fun, nine-piece, acoustic, not-quite-marching punks from Grapevine.


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