Watch: Objektiv One's MPC Routine For "Everywhere A Million"

All too often, DJs and the like put out impressive mixtapes and remixes but fail on the live side of things. Not so with area producer/graphic designer Objektiv One, whose impressive recent mashup releases have been running through our heads like crazy of late.

Case in point: The above clip of him preforming "Everywhere a Million" on his MPC, which pretty much clobbered the Internet yesterday afternoon (seriously, google "Everywhere a Million"--his name is the only one that pops up), popping up in gushing posts from hip-hop site Okayplayer, among many others. And it's well-deserved, too: That's some serious artistry happening in that there clip.

Check it out for a sufficient schooling on how to pull off your beat production in a live setting. And, in general, be sure to keep an eye on this guy--he's definitely an area artist to watch in the coming months.


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