Today's a proud one for me, as -- finally! -- my likeness has been immortalized in music video form, courtesy of an anonymous YouTuber who goes by the username " DallasOdserver " and whose interests include "Exposing Pete Freedman and everything bad about Dallas Texas [sic]."

The point of the above video? Once again, per Dallas Odserver:

"Pete Freedman Is The Dallas Observer Little Arrogant Mean Midget Music Editor Who's Complete Dick Tick But We're About To Teach That Lil Hobbit A. Thang Or 2 About Being Humble and nice You Cold hearted Dwarf."

Nice. This one's going right into my resume, along with The Frenz's "Pete Freedman Is A Cunt" and Bizarro Kids' "Pete Freedman Is A Fucking Douchebag," and right alongside a link to the "Pete Freedman Is A Bitch!" blog , which may or may not be from the same person who posted the above music video this morning.

Honestly? I'm more flattered than anything. And I especially enjoy the "Pete! Pete! Pete! Pete!" lyrical breakdown that comes 16 seconds into the clip.

If nothing else, the clip makes me the envy of one Robert Wilonsky , who stumbled upon the clip this morning as part of his daily YouTube scouring and sent it along in an email, noting his jealousy and saying, "No one ever made a music video about me when I was music editor..."

Well, Robert, some guys just have all the luck. So, too, though, do the faithful readers of DC9, who I'm sure would love a copy of this song to call their own. Well, we here at DC9 HQ used a YouTube ripping software to convert the song to mp3 format -- and we've posted it for your downloading pleasure after the jump.

Enjoy my new theme song, y'all!

Bonus MP3:

"Pete Freedman's A Bitch!"


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