Watch: Some Creepy Old Dude From Colorado Has A Weird Fascination With Selena Gomez

Now this is just weird : The above video is just one of many, many clips that Jay Herrod of Colorado has posted to YouTube, obsessing over Disney starlet and Grand Prairie's Own Selena Gomez .

Welcome to the downside of celebrity, Selena! Seems somewhat reminiscent of the very creepy documentary I Think We're Alone Now , which focuses on the fanatical obsessions of the fans of '80s teen idol, Tiffany .

I really don't know what to make of these clips -- the rest of which are also posted after the jump -- other than that Selena and her new beau , one Justin Bieber , might want to hire some extra security. Let's just say that it isn't helping matters that some other nutjob is calling Herrod, pretending to be Gomez's assistant.

Oh, and a warning: All of these clips will give you the creeps.

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