Watch: St. Vincent and Tourmate Andrew Bird Performing Together

Pitchfork today embedded the above video of Dallas native Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, performing a house show for the Paris-based La Blogotheque alongside her tourmate Andrew Bird earlier this year.

There are five songs in the clip above--three from Bird to start the set, and two from Clark to end it. And it's all helpfully delineated by the little diamonds you see on the player's timer counter. So feel free to skip ahead to Clark's parts if need be (although, be warned, Bird's ain't exactly crap).

Anyway, it's worth watching, for sure, assuming you haven't yet had your fill over ridiculously well-shot clips of Clark performing phenomenal, intimate takes of her songs. I know I haven't. Don't know if I ever will, actually. Especially of ones where she giggles... wait, is that weird of me to say? Screw it, I don't care.

(Hat tip.)


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