Watch: The Burning Hotels -- "Austin's Birthday"

This past weekend was a big one for Fort Worth's The Burning Hotels .

On Friday, Vanessa Hudgens-driven battle of the bands flick, Bandslam , in which The Burning Hotels' members make an appearance as, well, themselves, debuted in theaters. And though the film did quite poorly at the box office-- pulling in a pretty weak $2.3 million and failing to crack the weekend's top ten earners --that's still quite the coup for the rock outfit.

Especially, since, on Friday night, the band played something of a movie debut celebration show at Lola's Stockyard in Fort Worth, shelling out copies of its new single, "Austin's Birthday," the carnival-themed video for which can be seen above. ( Hat tip for the vid. )

It's the lead single for the band's upcoming full-length debut, Novels , which, one guesses, should see the light of day at some point this year.

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