Weekend Roundup: Air Guitar, Metrostation, Journey, Suicide Silence, Papa Roach, Graham Colton, Kids Pretending They're Rock Stars...

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the Dallas music-related videos uploaded to Youtube this weekend...

The U.S. Air Guitar Championship regional finals for Dallas were held at the House of Blues' restaurant on Saturday night. Here's Johnny Van Fretmaster's attempt to win the Dallas event. Oh, and the jackass judges who gave this guy a 5.2? That's Darryl Smyers and me. Enjoy hearing us get booed...

Apparently Miley Cyrus' big bro and his bandmates in Metrostation were at Six Flags Over Texas on Friday opening for fellow emo pop-rockers Boys Like Girls. Who knew? Well, apaprently these fangirls who put together a slideshow of the ordeal and set the whole thing to music...

I'll take this following clip to mean "When the lights go down in the city, but you're band's big as crap anyway, you can change your lead singer and still sell out Starplex."

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Despite the cuddly name, Suicide Silence inexplicably found itself on this past weekend's Mayhem Festival at Superpages.com Center. Even more surprising: A circle pit broke out! Kids today...

Papa Roach stopped by for Cruefest this past week--again at Superpages.com Center--and, of course, they played the one song everyone knows of theirs, "Last Resort." At least they really go for it here, though...

Graham Colton performed an in-store this past week at a Ralph Lauren store in town. He even busted out a brand new song in this clip. Unfortunately, even the mannequins--the only figures in this shot aside from the cameraperson--look disinterested.

And, lastly, although you may be adorable, dear reader, you have nothing on this up-and-coming Dallas trio named Patrick Jake and Kate.

And that was your weekend... --Pete Freedman

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