Weekend Roundup: Amanda Shires, Aerosmith and ZZ Top, STC

Amanda Shires at Allgood Café on Friday, July 17
Amanda Shires starts this song at Allgood Café sounding as nervous as someone at their first show. Don't be fooled. Her soulful vocals paired with Rod Picott's constant strumming create ghostly music. This video features Amanda on fiddle and ukulele in two songs.

Aerosmith and ZZ Top at Superpages on Sunday, July 19
In this clip, ZZ Top joins Aerosmith in a battle of "Rattlesnake Shake." I guarantee there was no objection to doing that saucy shake. These guys are getting on up there in age, but man, they still have mad skill and sex appeal!

STC at Mosaic on Sunday, July 19
Something tells me this is not the environment STC is accustomed to. Maybe this would have been cool if they weren't just shuffling their feet in front of a curtain in a fully lit room. I'm thinking smoke machines and cristaaaaal!


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