Weekend Roundup: Britney Spears, Vanilla Ice

Britney Spears on Friday, September 18, at American Airlines Center
I love the smell of lip-syncing in the morning. Britney was back (bitch?) Friday night for her second appearance in Dallas this year at the AAC. Skip the first 45 seconds--past the video of the creepy guy who looks suspiciously like Perez Hilton--to see Britney's Cirque de Soleil entrance. It's stripper-tastic!

Vanilla Ice on Saturday, September 19, at Trees
There must be a God, 'cause Vanilla Ice's "performance" at Trees on Saturday night has been immortalized on YouTube! (Bless you, TheKelly1486). Anyway, here, the self-proclaimed "lyrical poet" busts out with--what else?--"Ice Ice Baby." And he apparently thought it would be cool to bring along a guy in a scary clown mask and a Santa Claus suit. Um, word to your mother?


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