Why Say “Pre-Order” Pinebox Srenade's New Disc, When We Really Mean “Order?”

Denton gothic folk-rock collective Pinebox Serenade has finally completed Let The River Take Them Home, the follow-up to the band’s 2005 self-titled LP, and the band has a little incentive for you to get your order in now.

The album won’t be officially released until next month, with a July 12 CD release party currently scheduled to take place at Dan’s Silverleaf. But you can pre-order (sorry, George) your copy at their MySpace page, official site or directly from Devil’s Ruin Records. Orders will be shipped July 12, the day of the disc's release.

If you need motivation other than being the first one on your block with the CD, pre-orders get free shipping (normally $4) plus a couple of free buttons.

Plus, you can stream four new tracks on their MySpace page, and I recommend doing so immediately--especially the haunting marimba-accented “The Plains” and dark battle anthem “The Lash.” --Jesse Hughey

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