Worst News Of The Day: Calhoun's Calling It Quits (Maybe)?

Say it ain't so, Calhoun. Say it ain't so.
Say it ain't so, Calhoun. Say it ain't so.
Vishal Malhotra

The venerable Preston Jones of the Star-Telegram checks in today with some crappy news over on the Fort Worth daily's music blog: Calhoun appears to be calling it quits after its next gig, on Friday, May 15, at the Aardvark. Click the link for all the details on the likely end of a great area band.

Too bad, too. After getting placed on Chuck a few weeks ago and putting out the great Falter.Waver.Cultivate last year, Calhoun seemed to finally be getting the props it deserved. So, yeah, this news comes as a pretty big surprise.

Here's hoping it's just a temporary recharge for Tim Locke and Co. If it's not though, at least they're leaving on a high note. Best of luck, fellas.

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