Wu-Tang Clan

A month ago, the upcoming release of the new Wu-Tang Clan live DVD offered a glimmer of hope that the group might come back together. With the recent death of Ol' Dirty Bastard, it instead exists as, quite possibly, the last piece of Wu-Tang Clan product we'll ever see. Shot in July of this year, the show was the first time the group had performed together in more than two years. The performances are what you might expect from any rap show--30 or so unrehearsed people onstage, more than half of them with mikes in their hands, everybody yelling their asses off. Stars Method Man, Raekwon and GZA often seem lost amid the mosh pit of humanity. Still, the production values are terrific--lots of swooping crane shots and nifty editing work--and the bonus features include an amazing martial arts-themed music video for The RZA's new track, "Chi Hung." Hard-core fans will want this, if for no other reason than to close the book on one of the most original and prolific rap groups of all time. It was a good run, kids.


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