X, Henry Rollins, Riverboat Gamblers

The Riverboat Gamblers, seen here before departing for a tour with the year 1981.

Former Dentonites the Riverboat Gamblers have recently played so often in the area, you might think they moved back from Austin. That's fine, really; each show is a unique display of acrobatic rocktacity (and take bets on where, when and how badly someone in the band will injure himself). On their latest tour, the Gamblers open for Henry Rollins and X (featuring all four original members), so even if you've seen their recent shows, you won't want to miss this one. Gamblers' front man and official wiseass Mike Wiebe reports the tour has delivered both professionally and personally. Joining X for "The World's a Mess" is a show highlight, and behind the scenes is as surreal as you might imagine. "The other day I found myself sitting on a bench with Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye, talking about bands--talking about Roky Erickson," Wiebe says. "So, you know, there's that."

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