In 1981, Vince Clarke left Depeche Mode after Speak & Spell (he wrote most of the album, which included DM's first hit, "I Just Can't Get Enough ") to team with singer Alison Moyet. As Yaz (or Yazoo), they put out two albums that would sweep dance clubs and provide a soundtrack for every '80s-themed party anyone has been to. Twenty-five years after Yaz's demise—during which time Clarke has played straighter man to Andy Bell's flamboyant showgirl in Erasure and Moyet enjoyed relative solo success—the synth pop duo has reunited, issuing the four-disc In Your Room. The set is composed of remasters of albums Upstairs at Eric's and You and Me Both, a disc of B-sides and unnecessary remixes, and a DVD of videos and a short film.

The remasters are a great improvement upon those old first-gen CDs, but the remixes get real old real fast—it's all fab classics "Don't Go," "Nobody's Diary," "Only You" and "Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)" before a disc of self-indulgence and poor self-editing.

For some '80s dance fans, the set may be purchased out of some sort of sentimental obligation, but for many, the disappointing collection won't even garner a partial-streaming. What In Your Room really needs is a disc of all new material.


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