Yesterday at NX35: The Boom Boom Box at The Boiler Room

BAND: The Boom Boom Box
VENUE: The Boiler Room
TIME: 10:30ish...

Born from the ashes of Baboon and Pleasant Grove, among other well-respected area acts, the players in The Boom Boom Box are no doubt talented players.

And at the band's incredibly loud performance at the Boiler Room on Saturday night, its members showcased these chops quite nicely.

But it wasn't maybe as great as you'd think. Whereas The Boom Boom Box's post-punk sound is far more dance-able than the works of either Baboon or Pleasant Grove, it's also less poppy and less intricate.

An unfair knock? I don't think so. The band's only got a single EP to its name, and still seems to be adjusting a tad to its live show. Sure, its performance boasts a large potential, but, as the numbers in the room dwindled over the course of the band's set--perhaps as people left the room to catch Sarah Jaffe's performance down the road at Hailey's--the band's live show also showed that it could still use some work in continuously captivating an audience...

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