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A month ago (Scene, Heard, February 27--see, told you), we broke the news about Curtain Club buying Club Clearview and what that meant for the local music community. If you don't remember, we'll quote ourselves: "Curtain taking over Clearview is good news, because 1) we had heard from very reliable sources that Clearview was on its way out and 2) that would be a bad thing for Deep Ellum and 3) an even worse thing for local bands. Not enough places to play means not enough money for rent means another good local group has to move out of town or break up. Too much of that happens already."

Here's another good thing to come from the sale, something we were only able to hint at before: a single Curtain/Clearview cover charge. Beginning in April, you'll be able to get into all the clubs on the north side of Main and Crowdus (Club Clearview, Red, Blind Lemon, Art Bar) and both places on the south side (Curtain Club and Liquid Lounge) for one cost. What price will that be? Not too sure, but we doubt it'll break the bank; kinda defeats the point, right? Whatever the cover is, it's a pretty sweet deal for those of you in the mood to club hop. And even for those of you who aren't.

Before the new regime completely takes over, now-former Clearview owner Jeffrey Yarborough is having one final fling at the club--or, as the invitation puts it, "The club kid is putting his blue suede shows in the closet, but not without one last dance." That last dance will happen at a private shindig this weekend featuring a performance by former Three Dog Night drummer Floyd Sneed's group Eli's Coming Band and hosted by Yarborough's music-industry pals. (Remember what we said just a second ago: It's private, so don't bother trying to get in without an invite. And don't gripe at us next week if you do. We tried to tell you. Seriously, don't bring that shit up in our house. What? That's what we thought. Do something.)

You'll probably have better luck getting into whatever Gypsy Tea Room has planned for its five-year anniversary on March 28. Details are still pretty much up in the air, or up in some place where we couldn't find them. If you do get frozen out, there's always the Final Friday hip-hop showcase happening in the "tea room" side of GTR, with performances by Lavell, Rubba Rode, Mars Ill, Deepspace 5, Liquidmen, Cuture Shock and DJ Whiz-T of Wristwerks spinning. Either way, it's a party. Unless our editor tries to be "street" again while editing our column, in which case, it's a pizz-arty.

Upcoming Events

We saw Heaven is a Hotel a couple of times a couple of years ago, and they were quickly becoming one of our favorite new local bands. And then: nothing. The group disappeared from sight for most of 2002, and we assumed they had broken up. Not so. After an extended break, the band has been gigging fairly regularly again in the last couple of months, and now they have a new EP available, recorded by LCC's James Henderson. It's free at their shows; all you have to do is sign up on their e-mail list. You'll have your chance to do just that when the group plays March 27 at Club Dada, and March 31 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios...

In case you haven't heard, the 2003 Dallas Observer Music Awards happen April 15 at Gypsy Tea Room, with performances by Queen for a Day, Sorta, Eisley and Jack Ingram. Tickets are free, but you need one to get in, so keep checking for info, and if you haven't voted, do that, too. Speaking of Eisley, the band just got home from L.A., where they were recording two more songs for their forthcoming Laughing City EP with producer John Goodmanson, who's worked with the disparate likes of Sleater-Kinney, Wu-Tang Clan and Yanni (gots to pay the bills, yo); he also produced UFOFU's self-titled swan song in 1997. The group will cull four songs for inclusion on the EP (which hits in May) from their session with Mike Mogis in Omaha at the beginning of the year and the songs they did with Goodmanson. We've said it before and we'll say it again: They're going to be big...

Hand stamps: Doosu, Blisse and Radiant* perform March 29 at Trees; The Theater Fire, The Swells and John Wesley Coleman play Rubber Gloves on March 28; 41 Gorgeous Blocks is at Liquid Lounge on March 27, followed by the Danes on March 29. Plus, V2 hosts a listening/buying party for the White Stripes' new Elephant on March 30 at 8 p.m. at the Meridian Room in Expo Park. And that's about all we know.

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